Turning Dreams into Actions: Building Your Brand

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business.  Your brand clearly defines the services you provide to your audience/ community and helps to create, and position a positive perception about your business. 

A well designed brand:

  • grabs the attention of the company’s targeted audience
  • addresses the problems that this audience/ community is facing
  • indicates how this company is going to fix the audience/ community’s problems
  • defines sales features that differentiates their company for other comparable businesses in the community

A detailed, thoughtful brand provides another means for the Owner and Founder to focus in deeply and structure the services they are providing the community accordingly.  With focus there is clarity in direction for your business endeavours.  What messages do you want conveyed through your brand?  What is are the natural words, phrases or language that resonate with your dream company?

I have designed two reputable brands through Find Your Voice Music Therapy and Costron Coaching and would be honoured to support you through what I have learned in consultation with Brand Specialist and Business Leaders across Canada.  Looking forward to starting the conversation!

In song,
Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching and Find Your Voice Music Therapy
1-800-827-3120 ext. 101

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