Find Your Voice Music Therapy- The Beginning

My interest in music therapy and business began during my studies at Acadia University where I was introduced to concepts related to running your own private practice.  During my internship in Ottawa, ON I began to reflect more deeply on the work I wanted to pursue after my music therapy training.  I continued returning to wanting to launch a company where I could continue the great work that Accredited Music Therapists were doing across Canada and create increased accessible services to a location where music therapy didn’t exist.  My hometown – Katarokwi/ Kingston, ON. 

I was fortunate at this time to have supportive music therapy supervisors and mentors who encouraged me to pursue this vision.  During the 2nd half of my internship I decided to move back home, finish my Accreditation requirements, all while getting ready to launch my dream practice – Find Your Voice Music Therapy. 

Was I worried that I wouldn’t be able to do this?  Yes!  Fearful that I would make an incredible amount of mistakes and be judged? Yes! Terrified that my company would be unsuccessful?  Yes!  These questions and many more were absolutely at the forefront of my vulnerability of being an entrepreneur.  

So how did I move forward?  The first thing I did was connect with my teachers, supervisors, and mentors.  They got me through!  Whether they helped me develop the contents to my first business plan, connect me with personnel for support, build the infrastructure for my website, prepare for that first service contract pitch, create my bookkeeping, billing, cash flow systems, the list goes on.  I honestly can’t owe them enough!  Today, there is not a week (sometimes day when work gets real crazy!!) where I don’t connect to one of my mentors for insight, read resources, articles, books to gain knowledge, or do research in a certain area to revamp systems for my company.  

Another area of focus that was important to me at this time, and still today, was to deeply check in with my self love routine.  I absolutely did not become an expert at this over night and it’s certainly been a process of trial and error, ups and downs.  I have learned through 5 years in business that taking time for self care NEEDS to be a priority no matter how intense work is.  For me some aspect of this routine include: 

  • Daily meditation before bed (as that’s often a tough time for me) and when I am feeling overwhelmed
  • Movement 3-4 times/ week
  • Connecting with nature
  • Cooking good food
  • Creating art and music for myself
  • Taking evenings and weekends off
  • Connecting deeply with my loved ones
  • In the mornings when I am most clear doing course work/ readings connecting to my heart mind rather then the logic mind.  Through many years of education/ training with my logic mind I’m finding recently that connecting with my heart, emotions, spirituality has given me increased connection to the path I want to pave in business and life. 

I truly believe that when I invest and connect with myself first before I am able to fully connected with my team, our clients, and the services we provide our beautiful communities.  This list, part, or none of this list may resonate with you.  You may have many self love areas, or just a few – all of that is beautiful and perfect. 

There will always be areas of growth in business (and in life).  Some areas completely overwhelming and debilitating, and other times where it’s unbelievably exciting and rewarding!  We can’t do business journey alone!  It’s merely impossible to be an expert in the diverse areas involved and that’s where consulting your mentors and professionals in your community is of utmost value. 

Would be honoured to chat further when the time feel right and pay it forward with support as all my mentors have given me! 

In love, light, and song <3 Mackenzie

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