New Year. New Visions.

Cheers to 2020!  The New Year for many brings a fresh start.  I personally feel a letting go and reset process at this time of year.  New perspectives, new notebooks, new connections, new adventures, new projects, new planners, new insights. 

As we venture into this new season I am excited to share that Costron Coaching has expanded its services to musicians, creatives, and health/ wellness entrepreneurs.  Through Costron Coaching’s connections I have noticed that there are many overlapping features between these professionals.  I value the various perspectives and experiences in business and leadership.  As well as our united connection of contributing to the health, wellness, and therapeutic aspects of our communities.  I find that learning from each other and being in united connection brings such power to our collective work!  Our work to fill our world with love, light, healing, strength and positivity.

My focus with Costron Coaching is to give you the practical tools and resources that feel authentic to your unique business story – whether you’re in it’s launch, development, growth phases.  Along with mindfulness and self love practices for you as the entrepreneur, because let’s get real, it’s an exciting and rewarding path that can sometimes get challenging.  Coaching sessions can occur in person, and through phone or video conference, with aim that these various methods of connection can promote accessibility for all. 

For those of you who don’t know me, here’s a little bit about my journey as a business owner and entrepreneur… When I was studying to become a Certified Music Therapist at Acadia University: Wolfville, Nova Scotia I began dreaming about owning my own music therapy company.  Through reflection, planning, educations sessions, and LOTS of support from my circle I launched Find Your Voice Music Therapy in Katarokwi/ Kingston, Ontario June 2014, which currently has a team of three Certified Music Therapists.  I then launched a 2nd Find Your Voice Music Therapy location in K’jipuktuk/ Halifax, Nova Scotia in July 2017.

We all don’t have the answers.  My hope is that Costron Coaching brings you the light you need on your business path.  I feel I deep sense of privilege being connected to many inspiring music therapists, musicians, creatives, and health professionals.  So much gratitude to you all! 

Shine on friends! 
Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching and Find Your Voice Music Therapy 
1-800-827-3120 ext. 101 

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