March Mindful Mindset

Our thoughts are powerful and the feelings associated with these messages shape our identity – in business and in life.  

There’s lots to accomplish as an entrepreneur.  As visionaries we’re not short of creative ideas and dreaming about possibilities for the future.  Accompanied with the operations, planning, problem solving, and decision making side of the business shifting between these states can be a jarring.  

I personally find that when I am overwhelmed with my to do list the worst possible thing for me to do is hustle and work harder. (feeling me COVID-19 small business owners?!) I enter into “striving or proving mode” where I am constantly working to check off more on my list or in a continuous planning/ thinking about work state.  This doesn’t serve me well as I deeply value self, home, family and friend space.  

In “striving or proving mode” I’ve also noticed that messages associated with “not being enough” (Hello Brene Brown!  We love you.) become rampant… I won’t be successful if I don’t get that task done today… People won’t think highly of me if I don’t deliver… I can’t afford to get behind, they will judge me… I am worthless for not accomplishing this objective.  Whoa!!  That’s enough with the loaded, negative self messaging. 

Just as I speak with my clients, team and community about self love it’s important for me to actively practice mindfulness.  So that I can be the best person I can in my personal and professional life. 

1.  The first step is awareness of the “striving or proving mode” that can enter into your psyche.  The next step is for me is to consciously decide that these messages are not okay and that I am actively going to choose positivity, love, light and gratitude.  The hardest part (at least that I have found in recent months) is putting this actively into practice with loving patience.  Because hey, we all want results sooner rather then later!  I have learned that this process cannot be pressured and that trust leads the way with your healing work settling into your psyche. 

2.  I’ve learned through the years that setting up sacred space for me in the mornings is vital.  Currently I do journaling through Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map Program and light a candle for my daily intention.  Other people in my community have mentioned morning reading, stretching/ yoga, a balanced breakfast, a good cup of tea or coffee sets them up for the day. 

3.  Breaks!  I’ve definitely been tempted (many times!) to work through breaks because there’s just so much to do.  But when I am tired and brain fog sets in I find just a 10-15 minute break is important.  I usually do so by making tea and/or doing a short guided meditation.  When I’ve ignored this body signal and worked through a break I’ve noticed that I am less efficient. 

4.  When there’s a lot of your on your plate when and how do you stop?  Lately, I’ve physically been writing down when I am going to sign out of the office.  As business owners we often don’t have the luxury of concrete set hours.  But we do have the luxury of making intentional decisions of how long we would like to work.  To balance the passion of work with the meaningful aspects of our personal lives.  

We are all learning, growing, blooming. What are some mindfulness routines in your practice that work for you?  I truly believe we can learn from each other and thank you for beaming your love into this space! 

Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching
Certified Music Therapist and Registered Counselling Therapist at Find Your Voice Music Therapy
1-800-827-3120 ext. 101

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