I am here. I see you. ~ 50% Off Coaching!

Feeling the COVID-19 isolation woes? Needing support with your small business during this time of transition? Wanting to dive deeper into business/ creative areas within your company?

Attention: Therapists, Musicians, Health/ Wellness Professionals, Students and Interns. I am currently offering 50% off coaching sessions!!

No matter what your story is. Humanity has been impacted by a major life/work transition, and although it will pass, at this moment you are likely experiencing fear, sadness, grief, overwhelm, anxiety, and stress. Name what you are feeling and honour those difficult emotions.

I can absolutely attest to these feelings on a personal level with loved ones, as a choral musician and creative with Halifax Camerata Singers, as a business owner, leader and entrepreneur with Find Your Voice Music Therapy, and as a mentor, guide with Costron Coaching.

On the other side, I have witnessed immense courage, beauty and community as we are united now more then ever. It certainly has been a spectrum of feelings, an emotional rollercoaster if you will. And no matter where you are in this moment I want you to know that I am here and I see you. I am grateful right now to be offering with my vibrant community of creatives, therapists, artists and healers this discount. In hopes that this rate is accessible to you. If it’s not please reach out and we’ll figure something out!

Connect with me and book your online session at mackenzie@costroncoaching.com or 1-800-827-3120 ext. 101.


Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching
Certified Music Therapist and Registered Counselling Therapist at Find Your Voice Music Therapy
1-800-827-3120 ext. 101

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