Community Engagement & Networking

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The fall season is nearing.  Often a busy time for entrepreneurs as they reconnect with their community after slowing down in the summer months. 

By focusing on meaningful connections from colleagues in your field, to other entrepreneurs, to mentors, to your target market, you create sustainable resources for your company.  People talk/ share and through your network connections “word of mouth” buzz will begin.  Word of mouth referrals across professions is the most effective way to grow your business.  

At the beginning of launch operations this phase is tough and slow.  I wish you all the patience and determination in this process!  I hope that some of these ideas will spark some creativity on your journey.  If you would like to chat through other options I would be honoured to connect with you to hear your story!

1. Developing Engaging Music Therapy Programs

It is important that your community wants and needs your service.  Tune in to what you’re hearing in your community.  What can music therapy do to address their needs?  What does your target market want to hear about the services you’re offering?  What is unique to your music therapy brand from others in the area?

2. Connecting with Your Network

With the world of technology being so engrained in our routines it’s important as an entrepreneur to step back from the computer and find opportunities to make authentic, in-person connections.  Although technology can still be a very meaningful tool in business having that emotional, interpersonal connection goes beyond any other type of communication.  

This also gives you the opportunity to connect at a personal, individualized level with the community you would like to work with.  Giving your target market the customer service they look for. 

3.  Communicating Services to Community

There are countless marketing and advertising techniques to communicate your services to your potential customers.  From press releases, presentations, consultations, blogging, social media, newsletters, ads, direct mailing campaigns and many more.  

My business mentor Jennifer Buchanan has stated in the past, “where do your customers hang out?”  This question has helped to frame how I move forward with many of Find Your Voice Music Therapy’s marketing and advertising initiatives. 

Where focus goes, energy flows – Tony Robbins

With love and deep gratitude, 
Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching and Find Your Voice Music Therapy 
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Summer Wind Down: Future Growth Plans

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When it’s been a full and demanding winter a practice that has resonated with me through the years is to slow down in the summer months.  Often when you’re working in service professions, and your clients are on summer vacation, the summer wind down period is a perfect time to follow this flow!

I find it useful to connect with myself during this time after being pulled into the needs of my community and outer world.  I love this work deeply yet I have noticed that I am stronger and more centred when I nurture and put focus towards my needs too! 

1) Morning Routine

I’ve realized through the years that a soft, gentle morning routine, prior to work, serves me well.  For me his often includes my favourite tea and reading a book or doing course work for 15 minutes to 1 hour with leaders, teachers, healers etc. that resonate.  This practice sets me up for the way I want to feel by tapping into my preferred internal space.  

For years my morning practice involved the hustle hard for success modo.  Which by all means is still a strong value of mine!  But I was noticing that this mindset first thing in the morning often got me into trouble with putting a lot of pressure on myself to perform and achieve.  

Its been interesting that as I give myself morning love and self-compassion (while previously in my head I was losing valuable work time) that I am actually more focused, productive and connected.  Who knew?!

2) Intentionally Carving Out Space

Boundaries.  Boundaries.  Boundaries.

There will always be work.  Always.  Let’s intentionally breathe and tell ourselves that we’ll get there one step at a time!  We have the option to choose to carve out space that works for us!  The power to indicate the hours you want to work in a day.  The power to respond to emails when it works for you.  The power to take weekends and evenings off.  To power to give areas in you life the amount of energy you decide it deserves. 

Brené Brown says it well, “No matter how much I get done, or is left undone, at the end of the day I am enough.”  We are often hard on ourselves if we don’t get that work “to do list” completed.  Yet we know in our heart and soul that this does not define our identity and essence!  It’s amazing what will happen when we dive into this headspace and give ourselves some love and compassion. 

3) Plan Personal Invigorating Projects

A full work schedule can simply be exhausting.  We’ve all been there!  

Part of my summer routine when my schedule naturally winds down is that I plan my fall – winter 2019 projects.  Projects for me.  Projects that light me up, give me energy, fuel my purpose.  This allows for my personal projects to just naturally just run alongside my clinical, coaching, team and management work objectives during a busy season.  It keeps me connected! 

These growth areas take practice and I am absolutely there with you!   We are all on this journey together. Trying to be the best version of ourselves for each other, our community, and our world. 

With love and deep gratitude, 
Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching and Find Your Voice Music Therapy 
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Music Therapy Students & Interns: What Now?

What Now. Music Therapy. Student. Interns. Costron Coaching. Business. Private Practice. Entrepreneur. Learning. Growth. Journey.

Congratulations to all of the students and interns who’ve recently completed the next chapter of their music therapy training!  I welcome you to the music therapy family and wish you well on your future endeavours.

You may be feeling lost not knowing what adventure to take next.  There are many paths to choose from and these career decisions are absolutely challenging.  With Costron Coaching, my hope is to provide practical, motivational, and heart centred tools that give you clarity and confidence with the path that feels authentic to you.  With everyone’s unique story comes a personalized journey and my aim is to facilitate personalized guidance so you receive information that is meaningful and resonates deeply.

At Costron Coaching we strive to facilitate accessible services so we’ve created a specific rates for students, interns, and Accredited Music Therapists 1 year post Accreditation.  Please visit our services information page for more information in addition to topics that could be addressed within your coaching sessions.  You can also save on HST with Costron Coaching services.

The next phase of one’s music therapy career can be intimidating and overwhelming.  What do I do next?  I am afraid of the next steps. I feel uncomfortable and insecure with if I am going to make the right choice.  If there’s anything I have learned from running my own company is that my mentors have got me through those difficult questions, and more.  We can’t do this alone, and leaning on someone in your vulnerability may be exactly what you need to move forward.

Always, happy to connect for a complementary consultation or getting to know each other chat!  Community is everything amidst the joy and struggles of life.

“Choose courage over comfort.  Choose whole hearts over armour. Choose the great adventure of being brave and afraid at the exact same time” – Brene Brown

In song,
Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching and Find Your Voice Music Therapy
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Financial Fears

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In our society it’s not proper to speak about it publicly and transparently. Many find it uncomfortable to talk about.  It’s referred to as the most common reason couples fight.  As an entrepreneur and business owner it’s often used for a measure of success with how valuable a company is.  Forbes, indicates in a study that 66% of people stated their fear of money was more profound then a fear of spiders, snakes, crime, and even death

When launching a business one of the most anxiety provoking areas is the financial fears.  Rightfully so!  We realistically all need to make money to live and when don’t have enough to support our lifestyle that naturally causes stress.  One considers the financial risks of launching a business opposed to staying employed within the financial safety of a steady pay check. 

In the context of a music therapy practice we have to consider; how do we set rates that are accessible to our clients, realistic according to economic and industry trends, as well as lucrative for us as the entrepreneur? How do you create a positive cash flow system for your company?  What kind of systems should you have in place for tracking financial analytics?  What projects or investments should you move forward with to create growth with your company?

Navigating these types of questions can be difficult to consider on your own.  Let’s begin the conversation with how we as entrepreneurs can channel this energy for motivation and create a space where we can be comfortable in our financial fears.

In song,
Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching and Find Your Voice Music Therapy
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Turning Dreams into Actions: Building Your Brand

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Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business.  Your brand clearly defines the services you provide to your audience/ community and helps to create, and position a positive perception about your business. 

A well designed brand:

  • grabs the attention of the company’s targeted audience
  • addresses the problems that this audience/ community is facing
  • indicates how this company is going to fix the audience/ community’s problems
  • defines sales features that differentiates their company for other comparable businesses in the community

A detailed, thoughtful brand provides another means for the Owner and Founder to focus in deeply and structure the services they are providing the community accordingly.  With focus there is clarity in direction for your business endeavours.  What messages do you want conveyed through your brand?  What is are the natural words, phrases or language that resonate with your dream company?

I have designed two reputable brands through Find Your Voice Music Therapy and Costron Coaching and would be honoured to support you through what I have learned in consultation with Brand Specialist and Business Leaders across Canada.  Looking forward to starting the conversation!

In song,
Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching and Find Your Voice Music Therapy
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Remember Your Why

Business. Entrepreneur. Coaching. Music Therapy. Costron Coaching. Remember Your Why.

With the demands of running a business and our societal structure focusing on what you’ve done, it can be easy to lose track of “your why”.  In the context of music therapy – Why is music therapy something your passionate about?  Why do you want to launch a music therapy practice? What inspires you to continue to run your business and service your community?

As the Owner & Founder of your company you have many hats and responsibilities from accounting, finance management, networking, marketing and advertising endeavours, social media and website management, maybe management of employees/ sub-contractors.  It’s endless.

When you create systems to “remember your why” you continually check in with the dreams, the drive, the passion, the roots of your company.  In that process you create your intention, focus and motivation to guide your company forward and maintain the health of your organization. 

So how do we do this?  Here are some ideas that have worked well for me as the Owner and Founder of Find Your Voice Music Therapy:

  1. Monthly Profit and Loss Statements –  The financial trends of a company provide factual and concrete evidence to check in with the growth of your company.  It can be stressful for some especially in the launch faces.  But it provide the figures with how to move forward and plan for the future.  It also gives information on how your customer base has growth through your monthly revenue- even throughout the launch grind.
  2. Frequent Client Check Ins – Often when you’re in a service profession your clients are a main contributing factor to why you’re in business.  It can be useful to check in with them on a frequent basis through monthly updates, sending progress notes/ documentation, or through customer satisfaction questionnaires to ensure their needs are met.  If they are satisfied then you as the Owner can be satisfied with the services you’re providing your community. 
  3. Sub-Contractor/ Employee Feedback- Your team can provide alternative perspective and insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your company.  By giving frequent space for your team to have their voice heard, it empowers your team to contribute to the brand.  In turn it supports the health of your organization with having a collaborative environment as you won’t be able to solely think of and notice everything from your lens. 

I would love to hear from you fellow business owners.  What’s your why?

In song,
Mackenzie Costron
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching and Find Your Voice Music Therapy
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New Year. No Time. No Energy.

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Self-Care. Wellness.  Growth.  New Year’s buzz words that can be so daunting if one’s body, mind, and spirit are not ready for reflection, re-evaluation, or renewal.

The winter months can be difficult for many.  Winter blues, clinically known as seasonal affective disorder, is common for many Canadians.  Less sunlight, colder months, and hormonal shifts, can lead us to feeling depression, sadness, irritability, and lethargy.  Grief and loss can also occur frequently during this time of year in many forms: from the death of a loved one, personal injury, illness, or disease, loss of a valued relationships, moving away from home, loss of youthfulness, changes in routines or career paths, financial stress.  These experiences of grief are understood and valid. 

The world of marketing and advertising often corners us this time of year for means of profit.  To take care of yourself you need to follow a specific self care formula.  Which is designed by an organization’s opinion of what is needed for you to feel good about yourself… You just need to go to the gym 3 times a week to reach optimal wellness…. It’s important to practice meditation every day for growth… You should eat only healthy food if you want to have good self care habits.  Whoa! That’s a lot to take in and feels all too realistic. 

What if we were to design our own self care model?  Designed and tailored by yourself and for yourself.  It’s very easy (and I’ve absolutely been there too) to get caught up in the “shoulds” that state what are important practices for self care.  What would happen if we change the narrative and begin to listen to our authentic voice?  To gently give us to the space to know we can’t do it all?  How would this path to self-care, wellness, and growth change?  Would there be a positive or negative energy towards it?

Also, I recognize that I’m referring to society’s marketing and advertising world as a collective “money making machine” when that’s simply not the case.  All organizations in our community don’t have this mindset and I believe there are many person-centred organizations ready to listen, learn and collaborate with you on your journey. 

With Costron Coaching’s we aspire to do this with every person we work with through our business for music therapy coaching platform.  We look forward to connecting with you if, and whenever, you’re ready to start the conversation. 

In song,
Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching and Find Your Voice Music Therapy
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Your Team

Your Team. Costron Coaching. Business for Music Therapy.

We live in an incredibly busy world and all our lives have so many factors that require attention and balance. It is easy to get caught up in the demands and experience anxiety and stress. I’ve definitely been there! It has taken time to learn when to step back, take a break, and do things that contribute to my health and wellness. For those of you who know me well it’s not easy for me to do this. I am known to be a perfectionist, hard worker, and highly responsive in the context of my personal and work life. I see this as a strength but also a weakness, as I sometimes I get pulled into the need of completing an urgent/ important task rather then the importance of my self-care in that moment.

One aspect of my self care is the importance of “My Team.” I would not be who am I am today if it wasn’t for the mentors in my life. It has been important for me to identify who my community of support is as I need guidance. I am very fortunate to say that there have been many individuals influencing my journey including teachers, instructors, professors, supervisors, colleagues in academic, music and music therapy fields. And of course in my personal life close friends, family and my fiancé. These individuals all have areas of strength and I am grateful that I can learn from their teachings and life experiences.

I believe it’s important to spend time identifying your mentors and what purpose they have in your life. Who is in your community of support? What role(s) do these people have in your life? How do they support your journey? Counsel these people often in areas related to your personal, emotional, relationship, academic, business, or music therapy needs. We can all use the guidance and support in the busy and demanding world that we live in. For it’s when we’re supported in community that great things can happen!

“I am all those who have guided me, changed me, helped me. To know me is also to know a bit about everyone who has loved me.” – Unraveled: Xara Choral Theatre

In song,
Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching and Find Your Voice Music Therapy
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Advocacy. Awareness. Accessibility.

Advocacy. Awareness. Accessibility. Costron Coaching. Mackenzie Costron. Accredited Music Therapist. Registered Counselling Therapist.

Music therapy in Canada is a young profession only launching in 1977 with the proclamation of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists. Today there are only 1000 Accredited Music Therapists practicing across Canada who strive everyday to advocate for the profession, create awareness in their communities, and gain accessibility to those who would benefit from music therapy services.

As Accredited Music Therapists and music therapy supporters, we have a job to do. A job to nurture our field in providing resources to our communities through music therapy education, research studies, and career opportunities so we can continue to grow.

In Business for Music Therapy we have the capacity through launching more music therapy practices across Canada to impact change. The more practices that are launched, the more communication and storytelling will occur with what music therapy is and how it impacts clinical and therapeutic health and wellness.

I hope that in community we can continue our journey to unite in purpose as that’s when we gain strength. Strength in the field of music therapy and strength for the people we serve across Canada. Accredited Music Therapists, music therapy students/ interns, aspiring entrepreneurs, music therapy supporters, I would be grateful to hear your stories so we can walk this road together! We can’t do this alone and I would be honoured if we could connect.

Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching and Find Your Voice Music Therapy
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