The Fears

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Interested in launching a music therapy business but you’re completely terrified? The famous aspiring entrepreneurs questions ringing in your ears? Will I be able to do this? Am I good enough? What will happen if I fail?

I hear you! Leading from experience in launching Costron Coaching as well as two Find Your Voice Music Therapy practices in two different locations I have absolutely been there. All entrepreneurs, music therapists or not have!

When you create a business your personal identity, values, beliefs systems are at the forefront of your brand. You are creating a vision and dream for how you want your company to be defined and perceived. Of course, through the human condition we want our community to receive our business warmly and positively. In addition to respect and value what we’ve launched into the world. Anxiety, feelings of worry and being overwhelmed are most definitely a natural part of this process. And if someone comments negatively towards your company it could feel like a personal attack since the creation of your business is a very personal process.

The question becomes how can you move forward in this vulnerability with determination, courage, and resilience. You may need some support in this area through the launch of your music therapy practice or perhaps within your already existing practice.

Connect with Mackenzie to chat about these fears and create your action plan on how to move forward with authenticity and strength.

Mackenzie Costron, BMT, MTA, RCT
Owner and Founder of Costron Coaching and Find Your Voice Music Therapy
1-800-827-3120 ext. 101

Meet Mackenzie!

Accredited Music Therapist. Registered Counselling Therapist. Costron Coaching. Business for Music Therapy. Entrepreneur.

Welcome to Costron Coaching!  A platform for music therapy students, interns and Accredited Music Therapists to receive mentorship in launching their music therapy practice or receive support through stagnation in the business launch phase.

To tell you a bit about myself… I have been in the music therapy business since June 2014.  In that time I’ve launched two Find Your Voice Music Therapy locations in Kingston, ON and Halifax, NS.  I provide weekly coaching sessions with my Find Your Voice Music Therapy team who currently serve over 65 music therapy contracts.   In addition, I am a Music Therapy Instructor with the Acadia University School of Music Faculty as well as Practicum Supervisor. 

When I was studying to become an Accredited Music Therapist at Acadia University, back in the day, I would have never dreamed of owning my own company.  So many questions around the fears and worries of owning a business jumped around in my head.  It was overwhelming and daunting to simply think about!  Lucky enough for me, I held value in maintaining meaningful relationships with my mentors, supervisors, as well as family and friends. Find Your Voice Music Therapy at it’s launch, and moving through its stages of growth continues to be a team effort!  I will always be grateful to these individuals for their support with where I am today as a business owner and entrepreneur, in addition to the mentorship received through Find Your Voice Music Therapy’s development.

I have become extremely passionate about how business impacts the growth, development and awareness of music therapy in my community but also across Canada. My hope is that through my experiences, knowledge, and mentorship to instil courage and confidence as music therapists build their own dream businesses.  I want to give the same guidance to aspiring music therapy entrepreneurs and business owners just as those in my support network have always done for me.

In song, Mackenzie