Return to your heart. Choose your feelings.

Create your business with intention.

Journey… Giving you guideposts and action plans through the launch, development, bottleneck phases of your business.  All while focusing on your authentic self so your company is something that deeply resonates with you – the therapist, creative, health entrepreneur.

Achieving… The creation of a business connected to how you want to feel and the loving intentions you dream about for your community. 

Feeling… Connection. Calm. Clarity. Confidence.

Single Sessions: Professionals
$45.00 / 30 minutes
$65.00 / hour

Single Sessions: Students and Interns
$35.00 / 30 minutes
$55.00 / hour

Starter Package: 1 Session/ Month
6 Month: $325.00 (1 complementary session)
12 Month: $650.00 (2 complementary sessions)

Premium Package: 2 Sessions/ Month
6 Month: $585.00 (3 complementary sessions)
12 Month: $1235.00 (5 complementary sessions)