• Are you finished your music therapy training and just don’t know what to do next?
  • Do you feel drawn to creating your own music therapy business but thinking about launching a business is extremely daunting?
  • Do you currently have a business and are stuck at a certain stage of it’s launch or development?

For… music therapy students, music therapy interns and Accredited Music Therapists

Want… To launch their music therapy business or receive support through stagnation in certain business phases

Need To… receive practical guidance and business strategies to move through the challenges of operating a music therapy business

But… You need a mentor to support you through the demands of launching a music therapy business, that brings you- the owner and entrepreneur, satisfaction of it’s success.

Coaching Topics

  Launch Preparations

  Business Plan and Branding Statement

  Creative Design: Logo, Website, Marketing Collateral

  Finance Management: Cash Flow, Billing, Bookkeeping and Payroll Systems

  Taxes: GST/ HST & Income Tax

  Licensing and Insurance

  Developing Engaging Music Therapy Programs

  Client Outreach: Marketing and Advertising

  Connecting with Target Market to Sales Conversion

  Consultations, Presentations, Workshops, and In-services

  Sustaining Contract Relationships

  Social Media, Blogging, Newsletter Systems and Strategies

  Key Performance Indicators: Business Systems Management and Maintenance

  Building Your Music Therapy Team and Hiring Support Staff

  Owner Satisfaction and Self Care Practices


Save on HST with Music Therapy Business Coaching Services with Costron Coaching! 

Single Sessions: Accredited Music Therapists (MTA)
$45.00 / 30 minutes
$65.00 / hour

Single Sessions: Music Therapy Students, Interns, MTA 1 Year Post Accreditation
$35.00 / 30 minutes
$55.00 / hour

3-7 month commitment: $60.00 / hour
8-11 month commitment: $52.50 / hour
1 year plus commitment: $45.00 / hour
* Minimum of 1 session/ month scheduled with packages